These are the brands that I personally use and love:

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Perfect Supplements Collagen

Why I love it: Perfect Supplements is a private woman owned company that shares my values of quality and integrity.  They third party test all of their collagen for heavy metals and glyphosate.  It dissolves easily with no smell or taste.  Code ELAINEWELLNESS10 saves you 10% on your order on their entire website.

Alo Yoga

Why I love it: Alo Yoga makes high quality workout clothes that are super soft, hold you in without digging in and look great while exercising or running errands.  They come in a beautiful assortment of colors and styles so you'll feel fashionable.  They wash well and hold up.  Receive 15% off your order by clicking here.  No code needed.

Force of Nature

Receive $15 off your order by clicking here. I believe one of the best thing you can do for your health is to buy quality meat and chicken.  I also believe that when you have meat and chicken stocked in your freezer ready to defrost you'll find meal prep so much easier.  You'll notice such a improved difference in taste vs what you buy in the store.

Why I love it: Force of Nature is on a mission to improve our environment and health through regenerative agriculture while answering the community's call for food raised in a way that truly aligns with their values. The term “regenerative” means that the agriculture systems in which this food was raised honor the systems within Mother Nature. We care for the soil, respect diversity in plants and animals on the land, and focus on natural outcomes versus synthetic inputs. That means no tilling, no synthetic chemicals, no hormones or antibiotics, and beautiful, wide-open spaces. The result is what you expect.

Branch Basics

Receive $10 off your order by clicking here.  Founded by three women who wanted to reverse a multitude of health symptoms.  Branch Basics sells a cleaning concentrate that you add water to.  It's non-toxic and cleans all the dirt and grime.  Oxygen Boost is an amazing swap for bleach and will remove the toughest stains on clothes. I've even used it to clean the film off of my Vitamix container.  It is the hardest working non-toxic cleaner on the market.  I highly recommend these products as an excellent way to remove hormone and endocrine disrupting cleaning chemicals from your home.