Hi, I'm Elaine

I help empower Midlife Women to reclaim their health, vibrancy, and energy.


The Midlife Blueprint will guide you to understand:

How to eat real food including your favorite treats and stop yo-yo dieting and restricting.

The importance of managing the stressors and the very simple tools you can begin to implement in your life.

The easy way to incorporate daily movement into your life to support you in looking and feeling your best.

We get it.  You're a busy woman with so many responsibilities.  We break this down into simple, actionable steps.

My mission

My goal is to empower you to understand that symptoms are just signals from your body letting you know it needs support.  I demystify menopause so you can take ownership in having vitality and energy during this powerful transition.

My reason for wanting to support women like you...

I left a fast-paced career in the fashion industry when I watched my Dad nearly die after quintuple bypass surgery.  I made a deal with him that if he would go to cardio rehab I would go to the gym.  Together we made health a priority and It was the beginning of my transition to a career in wellness where I became a certified pilates instructor.  For 8 years I worked for the largest private club in Los Angeles as their lead instructor.

But if I’m being honest I was burning the candle at both ends working early mornings and evenings six days a week.  The symptoms began to creep up and I suddenly found myself 10 pounds heavier, sleeping 10 hours a night and still feeling exhausted and I was losing my hair.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and then guttate psoriasis.

I spent thousands of dollars on doctor’s visits only to be told it was normal to not feel well as a woman in midlife.  The only answer was medications and hopelessness.  I set out on a path to read everything I could find and take charge of my health.  I changed my diet, removed toxic chemicals from my cleaning and beauty products, reduced my workload, and reduced my stress.  Within a year I was able to reverse my thyroid antibodies and the psoriasis went away.  The weight fell off, my hair grew back and my energy levels returned.

In the process, I began supplementing with collagen to support my hair and skin.  My hair stylist was amazed at the transformation in my hair.  I had the crazy idea to develop a collagen water because I wanted everyone to experience the benefits.  It led me on a wild ride in the consumer products space.  I was selected as one of 15 to pitch at BevNet Live before I had a finished product.  Shark Tank found me on Instagram and I went through their submission process.  I landed in First for Women magazine and have spoken on many podcasts.

But my true passion is supporting women in feeling alive and well in their own bodies.  The Midlife Blueprint is my new platform to give women the tools they need to feel amazing and have vitality.  I believe that your health is your most precious asset.


My passion for empowering women...

Over my career in pilates, I would hear my clients whisper about menopause - weight gain, sleepless nights, hot flashes, and lack of energy.  I was really concerned that on the heels of recovering from two autoimmune disorders, I would then go through menopause.  As I approached my late 40’s I started skipping periods but never had any of the other symptoms.  It wasn’t until I officially went through menopause that I seemed to suddenly gain 15 pounds.  It didn’t help that it coincided with the beginning of Covid lockdowns in LA.  In all that staying home, I used chocolate and sugar as my coping mechanism.  For the first time in 15 years, I wasn’t exercising.

My desire to figure things out sent me back to the books to do a ton of research and it really came down to eating real food and balancing blood sugar, exercising by lifting heavy weights and walking, and managing stress.  I was able to easily lose the 15 pounds I gained.  I’ve never had a hot flash or night sweats and I attribute it to the lifestyle choices I make each day.

My desire is to support women in learning how easy it is to feel great as you go through perimenopause and menopause.  It’s a powerful transition and not an ending.

"I feel like I am not operating with an outdated owners manual from my late 20's anymore and I have full understanding of how I can reduce symptoms from midlife menopause. "

Suzanne, student of The Midlife Blueprint

You should know...

  1. Menopause is not an ending, it's a powerful transition.  You've got this!
  2. Symptoms are signals from your body.  Your body is highly intelligent and wrapped in these symptoms are a message that something needs tending to.  You're worth finding out what it is.
  3. Women are wired for community and connection.  Together we go further.  When we show up together to make changes to our health we lean on one another for support and accountability.
  4. Your health is your most important asset in life.  You have the ability to take control of it and determine how you age.  Will you live longer or die longer?
  5. Less than 20% of doctors have any training in menopause.  Midlife Blueprint was created to empower you to thrive and have vitality as you age.

Menopause Morning Magic: Effortless and Nourishing Breakfast Recipes for Vibrant Days

We get it - you're a busy woman trying to get out the door in the morning.  Don't forget to put your own health at the top of the list.  

Breakfast sets the tone for how your blood sugar acts for the rest of the day. Fasting or skipping breakfast might not be the best idea for your hormone balance long-term. 

The great news is that a healthy breakfast doesn’t necessarily need to be a complicated one, either.