What's for breakfast?

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I was chatting with a woman at the gym the other day and she was complaining that she can’t lose any weight.  She’s tried everything.  Sound familiar?


I started with the questions I ask clients:

What do you eat for breakfast?

Do you drink caffeine in the morning?


She said she has a big cup of coffee first and then an hour or two later she eats a breakfast of fruit and toast.


I hear this all the time.  What’s happening is you drink that big cup of coffee or tea on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and it sends your body on a blood sugar roller coaster.  It’s followed by a breakfast that’s void of protein sending you on yet another blood sugar roller coaster ride.


I asked her how she felt an hour or so after that big cup of coffee.  She paused and told me she felt sluggish and low on energy.  It makes sense to me.  


I suggested she have a protein-rich breakfast first and then have the coffee.  I gave her some ideas of what to have and asked her to report back.


The following week she said she felt so much better and her energy stayed steady throughout the morning and she wasn’t reaching for snacks to pick her up from the blood sugar crash she was experiencing.


Something as simple as tweaking the order of when she consumed caffeine and being sure to eat enough protein has set her off on a new path.


I want the same for you.  I’m giving you access to my Midlife Blueprint Breakfast Planner which has my easiest and best ways to have a breakfast that has plenty of protein.


Remember to have your caffeine after you’ve had breakfast.  I promise it will make a difference in your mood and energy.

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