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I’ve done check-ins with all of my clients, and in one week, they’re already feeling changes.  I love my work, and my clients inspire me so much.  


From my 36-year-old busy teacher and Mom of three (age six and younger):


This client eats a healthy diet overall but doesn’t always incorporate enough protein. I gave her meal and snack planners to show her how to easily include more protein to support her energy needs.


She shared, "Overall, I have noticed increasing the protein in this small way has decreased how hungry I am between each meal.”


This shows me she has a better blood sugar balance, which supports her energy levels.


From my 58-year-old busy college professor:


This client has a lot of work stress and was eating in a hurry over the kitchen sink or in her car.  She has been experiencing a lot of digestive issues and bloating.  I recommended she take time to sit down and slowly eat her food.  We also talked about ways to manage her stress level from her work.


“I think I am making progress and have taken to heart the whole idea of my nervous system being out of balance and that impacting my gut.  It has actually really hit me that I need to check myself on what sort of stresses I am allowing to get to me at work.”


“BUT, my gut has been less bloated since I have been following your advice. So, there is that!  Progress!”


This shows me that the gut-brain relationship is powerful. We need to be in a calm state when eating our meals, as digestion starts in the brain.


My 51-year-old who is a Mom of an eight-year-old and caregiver to her 84-year-old Mom and also working from home:


This client eats a healthy diet of mostly home-cooked meals. She wants to manage her stress levels as she juggles many responsibilities.  


She liked to have coffee first thing in the morning.  If you’ve been here long enough, you know that will give you a blood sugar spike and crash, leaving you irritable, full of brain fog, and reaching for a sugary treat to pick yourself up off the floor.  You can read more here.


“I did a little test on myself.  I hadn’t made myself anything to eat, so I decided to just have the coffee and see where it took me.  I can say without a doubt that I was out of sorts all day, tired.  I was feeling so out of sorts. Walking in circles.  It was a big difference.”


I love seeing clients understand what their body needs and how to have good steady energy. Now she has her coffee with breakfast.


My 73-year-old with type two diabetes and signs of cardiovascular disease:


He often has what I call “naked carbohydrates,” such as oatmeal by itself or toast and coffee. You can read more here.


I suggested he have meals that are balanced with protein, fat, and fiber to prevent the huge spikes and crashes he’s been experiencing. 


His CGM was showing spikes of over 200 followed by dips of around 70.  This is unhealthy.


His doctor never took the time to educate him about how to build blood sugar balancing meals. You can read about it here. He sent him home on a whole slew of medications with no education.


He’s made adjustments, and when I saw him, he showed me his CGM after a snack with protein and fat, and his numbers were totally in range. That's a big difference in a short amount of time.


It shows me he's eating balanced snacks which are helping to support his blood sugar balance.


My 30-year-old financial advisor with PCOS:


PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a metabolic disorder that can negatively impact a woman’s fertility.  My client wants support in understanding how food impacts PCOS.


She cooks mostly at home and generally eats healthily. However, her meals are often short on protein and vegetables, and she often goes 5-6 hours or longer without eating.


This pattern of eating combined with a high stress job is a recipe for blood sugar dysregulation which is another stress on the body.


I encouraged her to make meals that are balanced with protein, fat, and fiber. She and her boyfriend love a sweet treat once or twice a week, so I suggested she eat a meal with protein, fat, and fiber and then enjoy their favorite ice cream.  


She’s already noticing less of an afternoon slump because she’s eating more balanced meals.  Focusing on stress reduction is also making an impact on how she feels overall.


The common theme among these clients is their willingness to be open to recommendations and taking action. You can read about my recommendations here.


They came to the process with the health goals that they wanted to address, and together, we went over recommendations.


They decide if the recommendations are things they’re willing to try.  This is a collaborative effort.


I generally don’t suggest that clients eliminate foods unless they're eating and drinking a lot of sugar.  I think it surprises them. 


Remember, I don’t support that people diet for the sake of dieting.  You can read more here.  I want all my clients to enjoy the foods they like while supporting their overall health goals.


I share their stories because I’m so proud of them.  LIke you they have full busy lives. May their wins this week serve as a reminder to you of what’s possible.  You can improve your health if you just start by making small changes.  Often, starting is the hardest part.


I have 2 months left of school and then I'll be taking clients. If you want to be on my priority list be sure to hit reply and let me know. I'd love to support you with your health goals.

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