Entrepreneurship Is a Spiritual Journey

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Elaine and Amy Jo

Entrepreneurship takes collaboration and support.

In 2015 I had a ping or an idea to start a collagen water.  The idea wouldn't go away.  I googled and googled and googled to see what I could find.  I kept overthinking and worrying and analyzing if I should start a business.  I couldn't sleep and asked my closest friends what they thought.  The new year rolled around and it was time to make a decision and I bet on myself having no idea the beverage industry is one of the hardest spaces to play in. 

What I found is a resilience I didn't know I possessed.   Ever since I've made this leap I've learned that entrepreneurship will take you so far out on a limb of discomfort and fear that it will force you into some of the most profound personal growth.  The spiritual journey requires you to level up, face fears, limiting beliefs and blocks.  It requires an incredible amount of faith, trust, belief and most of all listening to your intuition.  It's the highest highs and the lowest lows I've ever experienced.  I'm still here wanting to make a difference in the lives of all women.


The introvert in me likes to go it alone and figure it out myself but I find I do better when I ask for help and seek advice.⁠

I met Amy Jo Martin when I was at a crossroads with my business. I'd just sold off all of my collagen beverage inventory and decided to pivot to powder. I couldn't trademark my previous name after two attorneys and a lot of money down the drain.⁠ I wanted to quit and give up because I felt like I'd failed.  The truth is I still had money in the bank and a desire to help women look and feel their best.

A new name with a new message.


Different people in my life kept saying to use my own name.  It felt way out of my comfort zone to put my name on my packaging.  But I observed that the same message appeared over and over.   Amy Jo asked, "why wouldn't you? You are your brand. It's your story that will resonate." I trusted and took the leap.⁠ 

Together we worked on my brand essence and with ease and effort, I said, "I help women feed their beauty from within.  What you put on the end of your fork influences how you look and feel."  On that day Elaine Wellness was born with a deep desire to change the narrative around beauty and aging.  


My trademark attorney emailed the other day to say Elaine cleared all the hurdles. 💃🏻It's a reminder to listen, be in flow and not try to force outcomes.

My promise to you.


I hope by using my own name as my brand name you'll see my story and be inspired to take care of your health. Food matters. Collagen was a game-changer for my hair, skin, and nails. It's how I healed my Hashimoto's and psoriasis. Know that you can feed your beauty from within and that aging is a privilege.⁠

You're never too old to begin again

When I attend entrepreneur events I'm often the oldest ones in the room and many times the women I'm with are half my age.  I don't give it a second thought.  I learn from younger women as they've grown up in the world of social media and understand it in a way that I do not.  What I have learned is that you can't fast track wisdom.  Age is a blessing for it teaches us so many valuable lessons.  If you're curious about starting a business over 40 I highly suggest reading this article:


Midlife is a powerful transition, not an ending!

Are you ready to unlearn all the negative, scary messages you've been told about aging and menopause and learn how to look and feel your best so that you can thrive in midlife?

Rise above the statistics and reclaim your health, vibrancy, and energy.

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