Pure Collagen


Look and feel your best at every age. Our unflavored 10-gram Pure Collagen powder packets are great for anyone who cares about strong and healthy hair, skin and nails.  

Our modern diets no longer include collagen-rich foods. As we age our bodies produce less collagen leading to lackluster hair, brittle nails, and dry skin. Adding pure collagen to your daily routine will help support vibrant hair, skin, and nails.

  • USA grass-fed bovine collagen
  • Single-sourced - we don't mix different qualities together
  • non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • Tested for heavy metals and allergens 
  • no sugar, artificial sweeteners or gluten
  • unflavored - tasteless
Stir one 10g packet of Pure Collagen into your favorite coffee, tea, milk, juice, smoothie, yogurt or morning oatmeal. With daily use, most people will typically begin to see and feel results in 1-3 months.
Our source:

We source from supplier that manufacturers in a state of the art facility here in the USA. Our single sourced collagen comes from USA grass-fed cows. Our collagen is non-GMO and Kosher and undergoes testing for heavy metals, allergens, and glyphosate. We are transparent about our product and will be glad to answer any questions you have.

Whether you purchase from us or not please know where the collagen you buy is sourced from.  There is collagen being sold in the USA from countries you may not want to be purchasing a supplement from.  Please do your research.

Our ingredients:

10 grams of bovine collagen. Nothing else. No sugar, artificial sweeteners, gluten, soy or junk.

Our manufacturing:

We produce in an NSF and GMP certified co-packing facility in Southern California.   Our packaging is also sourced here in Southern California helping us to reduce our carbon footprint.

The known benefits of collagen:
There are different types of collagen out there, however Type I & III are the most important to supplement with. Our USA grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine collagen is pure, hydrolyzed Type I & III. These types lend all the great known benefits to your skin, bones, hair, nails, and connective tissue.
Skin: Improved elasticity, firmness, glow, and moisture. After all, our skin is 75 percent collagen!*

Hair: improved appearance.*

Nails: Stronger, less brittle nails.*

Joints: Reduced joint inflammation, relieving pain, swelling and stiffness*

Gut: Gut lining repair*

Bones: Preserved and ​improved​ bone density*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Customer Reviews

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Pure Collagen

Love it

I’m new to using collagen, but love the results so far. Great for hair, skin, and joint health. I’ve definitely seen a reduction in hair loss. I’m transitioning to my natural gray hair color and working hard to keep muscles and joints healthy. I’m still in my forties, so hoping to prevent some trouble down the road.These collagen packs are easy to use and carry. Great for travel. There is no odor, no aftertaste, and it stirs smoothly into my morning coffee. Haven’t tried it in any cold beverages yet. I’ll probably stick to a canister for at home use and keep these individual packs stocked for travel. Great stuff.

Love the quality of this product

This is definitely a premium product - grass fed and non-GMO are things I’ve been looking to find in a collagen and of course, made in the USA. I have tried a few collagen products so far but am relatively new to trying it and of the ones I’ve tried so far, I find this really dissolves completely into your coffee and you have no lumps or residue in your cup and you cannot taste it at all. I have just started using it so will need to do a follow-up on any improvements I see but I am glad I found this product as the ingredients give me confidence in taking it. They are not cheap - but you get what you pay for.

Great for travel and dissolves perfectly

I loved the convenience for travel. It dissolved beautifully in my morning coffee and had no taste at all. And I like the fact that it comes from grass fed cows.I've been taking collagen for my fingernails and they are getting stronger. They continued to get stronger on this collagen but I only used 7 packs so it's hard to say if they helped but it did not hurt. It's pretty expensive so I might not use it for everyday but for travel the effectiveness, taste, and convenience might be worth the extra cost.

Hands down the best collagen!

The absolute best collagen! I have been taking collagen for years but could *always* taste a little something or my stomach would feel off and then found Elaine Wellness a little over a year ago and have been absolutely obsessed. My hair and nails are noticeably stronger and longer, my skin looks great and it makes my smoothies, hot chocolate and food so creamy with no weird taste. I highly recommend!